Career Coach -- Also called career consultant, career adviser, work-life coach, personal career trainer, and life management facilitator.

One of three reasons for a job change:
[1] Personal -- You want to change your relationships with others. For example, you may have discovered that you're incompatible with the people in your company. Perhaps they have different interests than you; or they communicate differently or have different educational backgrounds.

[2] Professional -- You've determined the need to advance your career. For example, you've found that you won't reach your professional or technical goals at your present company; or that your advancement is being blocked by someone who's more senior or more politically oriented; or that you're not getting the recognition you deserve; or that you and your company are growing in different directions; or that you're not being challenged technically; or you're not being given the skills you need to compete for employment in the future. Or you've simply lost interest in your assigned tasks.

[3] Situational -- Your dissatisfaction has nothing to do with personal relationships or career development; it's tied to a certain set of circumstances. Maybe you're commuting too far from home each day, or you're working too many hours, or you're under too much stress; or you want to relocate to another city (or stay where you are rather than be transferred).


Understand what types of work-related activities you really enjoy;

Determine which goals or accomplishments are important to you and give you a feeling of satisfaction; and

Evaluate whether your personal priorities are in balance, or in harmony with your job situation.